Friday, October 2, 2009

part 3 ....playing with new concept ideas.

Shape Enclosure:

i scanned in a subway. added some paint splatters. stimulate the busy, rushing subway. my mind is thinking--subway=rushed, lots of people, lots of clutter, lots of minds, lots of memories, brief memorization, quick moving, no souls, transparent people, desperate need of soul finding.

(part 2 refinement. IN PROGRESS)


  1. really like the paint splatters and movement of text in the second one. the readability of wrong is great too. The only thing is I don't know if I like the black circle, maybe just get rid of it and crop the letters with the paint splatters instead.

  2. You need a counterpoint. Here's an opportunity to work with something that further directs our understanging/interpretation of the paint splatters. what else can the black circle be?

    Top design. Did you try just butting hte images up to one another and not having the white arc ruled line?