Saturday, October 3, 2009

Transparent overlapping form Brainfood

Image 3: A quick grid sketch to offer brainfood
Carefully consider the following:
• How the choice of shape contributes to meaning
• How the transparency and the overlapping of shapes contribute to meaning.
• Significance of the size of the shape as it relates to content
• Significance of the overlap
• Can the form generated by the overlap inspire how images are cropped? and what image is used?
• Ruled lines can also be inspired by your shapes. Once again ask your self why and what can it/does it mean?

Image 2:
Two grids: horizontal/vertical and diagonal. Both grids made visible so you can see the underlying structure.

The brainfood is focused more on having you think about transparent overlapping forms, how images are cropped, what images you work with, and choice and use of ruled lines. A horizontal/vertical grid system will be coming as well as working with two grid systems at once (Exercise 3). Here you can get an idea of how two grids can interact and inform one another.

Image 1:
Two grids: horizontal/vertical and diagonal. The diagonal grid is made visible for you to see.

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