Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm really interested in the art of making flyers/posters for events. It's an art that I dabble in myself, and incessantly am researching for new ideas. It's a niche where legibility has to be emphasized. If you're putting your flyers in public areas, you want them to be readable by passerbys, even if they are in a rush. The art of postermaking is so oversaturated, however, that you want your poster to be really creative, enough so that someone who has better things to do might walk up to it and check it out. The artist Crosshair has, in my mind, perfected this art. His flyers for shows embody a style I've never seen before. He often mixes typography with photography of old warehouses and other buildings. he does so in such a way that sometimes makes it difficult to tell whether the building did in fact have a band's name painted on it 50 years ago:
I think it's a really great take on the art of poster making and a really important lesson in typography: a little legibility can be sacrificed if you're using your type dynamically enough. For a link to a bunch of Crosshair's work click here

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