Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"I'm Lost Without Colour"

"I'm Lost Without Colour" This is definitely a little something I can relate too. I've noticed in my work that I have a preference to work with a lot of black and white or grayscale, and then adding only a little bit color at the end where I need a focal point. The color is usually found in the text as the picture is dominant in the composition therefore I like to make it pop with a splash of color. Where does your eye go in this one? Straight to the color. Also the characters that are in color are also the only characters arranged into words. The type created here is very interesting. You've really got to look at it closely to see that it almost looks like a ream of paper that's unraveling into letter forms. The characters really blend into each other, and some are still too abstract to recognize for me. But I have an idea what they might be. So this is a futuristic, psychedelic like with color and an implied dimension. I also have included a link to a video from my letterpress printmaking class that showed me the beginning of type and the creation of pages with words. It's very formal and educational, which some students frown upon because it is traditional, but I learned to appreciate the art of letterpress printmaking and type in general. Enjoy!

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